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The International Union of Interventional Radiologists (IUOIR) is a non-profit association of interventional radiologists all over the world

The IUOIR offers:

1- Training of Radiologists in situ and follow up the training to build  independent IR unit.

2- One to two months observership in Europe and USA.

3-Treatment of patients in your country as well as receiving of patients in IUOIR' Centers in Europe.

4- May offer one year fellowship.


The IUOIR has offered  6 observership positions in MSK IR and MSK Imaging for radiologists from Vietnam and Egypt at Paris University hospitals- Department of Pr Laredo-France in 2013, for informations  please send to: iuoir@iuoir.com

Coming next:

1-Observerships in Hepatic IR at Paris University Hospital .

2- Observership in Abdominal IR at Frankfurt University Hospital, Pr Vogl


3- Observership Neuro Imaging, UWMC- USA, Pr Jarvik http://www.rad.washington.edu/clinical

4- Observership in Neuro IR in Canada, Pr Weill


5- Observership in Vascular IR,the Imperial College-London, UK, Dr Hammady M.


6- Observership in Vascular IR, Canada, Drs Gilbert & Giroux

7- Oservership in Vascular IR, France, Pr SAPOVAL M.










We are now a partner with the Hospitals in Hurghada- Egypt  click here.

The IUOIR is now a partner with the Hospitals in Hurghada- Egypt


IUOIR contact: 

Dr H. Negila A.

161 rue de la Papeterie, 91100 Paris- corbeil Essonnes France.

Charity number: click here W912005785
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